Matrix Token (MTIX)

2 min readFeb 8, 2022


Nine years ago, Mr. Jihad Ismail started a medical tourism business in Turkey — The Matrix Group company. Although he has successfully solved the initial issue of the language barrier, another problem arises. Many foreign patients, especially from Arab counties, face difficulties in making international payments. So, to solve this problem, the company issued the MTIX token

What’s the Matrix Group?

The Matrix Group is the company searching for and collaborating with doctors in all medical specialties. Also, the company organizes doctors’ relationships with and the hospitals they work for to provide the best service to the patients coming for treatment to Turkey. Simultaneously, the management’s goal is to satisfy patients and meet all their requests while respecting patients’ rights. However, Arab countries restrict the movement of money out of the country, forcing patients to pay very high commissions on the black market to get the funds needed to receive treatment abroad. As a result, Matrix’s clients face additional financial burdens on their shoulders. So, the team decided to create a $MTIX cryptocurrency to help patients to decrease their expenses.

What’s the MTIX token?

MTIX is the BEP20 (BSC) token serving as the means of payment inside the Matrix Group for Medical Tourism. So, the team believes that the coin allows Matrix’s clients to solve the problem of cross-border payments. Also, the company plans to include its digital currency on the most significant global trading platforms during the year 2022.

Token name : Matrix Token
Token’s symbol : MTIX
Token’s contract address: x33b783a4833f7613ccb6569a9f39a261b311afbb
Website URL :
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matrix token is a project of matrix group healthcare co